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Couples Therapy in Fitzroy

Couples Therapy near Fitzroy

When hurt, confusion, and conflict emerge as prominent elements within intimate relationships, Couples Therapy near Fitzroy stands ready to offer crucial support by facilitating a profound exploration of the self, one's partner, and the intricate dynamics of the relationship.

Whether you find yourselves in the midst of a crisis or are motivated by curiosity to enhance your relationship, seeking the insights of an experienced therapist can play a pivotal role in assisting intimate partners to heal, flourish, and reignite their love.


We are located on the ground floor of the 'Clocktower Complex', accessible from both Lygon and Drummond Street.


1 hr parking available on Lygon Street.

2 hr parking on Drummond Street.

4 hr parking at "MacArthur Square".

Underground, secure parking underneath the Clocktower complex.

Business Hours

Working hours vary according to each practitioner.

After hours appointments available.​

Our reception desk is available - Mon to Thurs. 10am-1pm

Couples therapy can address...

  • Infidelity

  • Navigating Polyamory

  • Chronic conflict

  • Issues with communication

  • Making shared life decisions

  • Differences in sexual desire

  • Managing mental health issues

  • Role / responsibility disputes

  • Emotional distance

  • Loosing "the spark"

  • Conscious Uncoupling / Separation

Get Support

Let us help you find the right practitioner for your needs, through a commitment-free consultation call.

Meet our Team

We have a caring and professional team of therapists, each with special skills and interests.

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