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Counselling suits individuals who might not consider themselves as having chronic mental health issues, but instead are looking for some extra support as they move through a challenge, loss or change in their life. Whether you are in grief, confused or uninspired, counselling provides a forum for you to share your experience with an informed and caring professional.

How can Counselling Help?

A Person-Centred Approach

Our therapists take a person-centred approach to counselling, where the only agenda is following your lead. Based on Carl Roger's humanistic approach, person-centred counselling believes in each person's nature potential for insight and flourishing when they are provide with the following conditions -

  • A genuine therapeutic relationship

  • Empathy for the unique world of each person

  • Unconditional support and belief in an individual's potential

Within this authentic relationship, your therapist may also offer questions, reflections and tools as they support you in gaining self-compassion, understanding, autonomy or resolution.

Get Support

Let us help you find the right practitioner for your needs, through a commitment-free consultation call.

Meet our Team

We have a caring and professional team of therapists, each with special skills and interests.

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