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Divorce & Separation Counselling Melbourne

It is a necessity in loving somebody, that we also become vulnerable to the potential of loss or hurt.

It is brave to love somebody and share your world – whether that be for a few weeks, months, years or a lifetime - as every day we meet parts of ourselves and our partners which are beautiful and inspiring, frustrating and terrifying. Over time, this meeting of worlds will naturally lead to points of conflict, when it feels challenging to reconcile two very different set of needs, wants and fears. And sometimes, despite both people’s best efforts to tend to the love between them, the heartbreaking and difficult decision is made to separate.

It takes true courage to make this decision and even more strength, to commit to kindness and respect during this painful process. When couples make this commitment, we may say they are “consciously uncoupling” - a term first coined by therapist and author Katherine Woodword Thomas and popularized by Gwyneth Paltrol and her ex-partner Chris Martin, whom publicly announced that they were exiting their marriage with a conscientious care and ongoing connection. Consciously uncoupling, is a process by which a couple commit to personal accountability and healing, so as to transform the love in their intimate relationship, into the love of a interpersonal relationship.


Making this decision is not for the faint hearted, but the reward is great – particularly if you share children, a community or a wonderful and recoverable sense of friendship with your ex-partner.


Couples Therapy can be a place of support during separations and divorces, wherein you have a safe and impartial container with a empathetic and informed therapist, who can help you to continue to communicate and make agreements and decisions, whilst the emotions of grief and loss run high.


Couples Therapy for breakups, separations and divorces can begin at any stage – whether you are considering separating and want a third perspective, if you have made the decision but are still living together or if you separated weeks, months or years ago and are ready to reconcile your differences for the better of yourselves and your family.

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