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Divorce & Separation Counselling North Melbourne


Divorce and Separation Counselling in North Melbourne offers a supportive haven where couples can navigate the intricate challenges brought by breakups, separations, and divorces. Guided by skilled therapists, couples are empowered to engage in productive dialogues and collaboratively work towards agreements, even amidst the storm of intense emotions.

In Divorce and Separation Counselling in North Melbourne, partners are given a unique opportunity to address their differences harmoniously. This nurturing environment allows couples to navigate the complexities of separation under the gentle and knowledgeable guidance of compassionate therapists. Through this process, a more balanced and supportive emotional space is fostered for all parties involved.

Divorce and Separation Counselling in North Melbourne serves as a lifeline, extending couples a symbolic liferaft amidst the turbulent waters of parting ways. Equipped with essential tools and the expert compass of skilled therapists, this form of counselling facilitates effective communication, empowers couples to make informed decisions, and propels them on an empowering journey towards healing and personal growth.


We are located on the ground floor of the 'Clocktower Complex', accessible from both Lygon and Drummond Street.


1 hr parking available on Lygon Street.

2 hr parking on Drummond Street.

4 hr parking at "MacArthur Square".

Underground, secure parking underneath the Clocktower complex.

Business Hours

Working hours vary according to each practitioner.

After hours appointments available.​

Our reception desk is available - Mon to Thurs. 10am-1pm

Get Support

Let us help you find the right practitioner for your needs, through a commitment-free consult

Meet our Team

We have a caring and professional team of therapists, each with special skills and interests.

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